AEROBOTICS Crop insurance Services

Crop insurance solutions for perennial farming

As your risk partner, we analyze high-resolution plant data to provide exceptional accuracy on insurable acres, meaning you’re only paying for producing planted acres and reducing the risk of rejected claims.

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AEROBOTICS Crop insurance Services

Get precision cover for your perennial crops

Accurate coverage and risk management strategies to protect your production

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Traditional Crop Insurance

Traditional crop insurance places the burden of providing accurate numbers on the growers, despite the natural changes to their orchards over the years. Policy inputs are estimated, with agents relying on standard spacing assumptions to calculate percent stand and insurable acres.

Precision Crop Insurance

With our precision crop insurance, premiums are based on actual counts of producing trees, with no assumptions needed for your percent stand calculations. We survey your farm and pre-populate your insurable acres for your approval.

Detailed acre analysis

We survey your entire operation and provide an in-depth analysis on your insured acres. We use high-resolution imagery and machine learning to distinguish between producing and non-producing plants on an individual plant level to give you an exceptionally accurate percent stand.

Optimal premiums

Accurate insurable acres means accurate policies where you only pay premiums for producing planted acres. Our team of local crop insurance agents will work with you to ensure that your season’s production is covered based on our detailed acre analysis. Accurate insurable acres also result in a friction-free claims process, reducing the risk of loss adjustments

Digital Platform

All your data is available to view online in an easy-to-use digital platform at no additional cost to your current insurance premium. View your crop performance insights and make informed coverage-level decisions, per crop type and county, so that the cost-benefit of your coverage is optimal.

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