Intelligent insurance solutions for almond growers

Assisting almond growers in only paying for productive planted acres and lowering the chance of rejected claims by utilizing high-resolution plant data and artificial intelligence.

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We'll put you in touch with our team of local crop insurance agents, who will not only prepare your policy but also use advanced data analytics to assist you in analyzing and quantifying your risk. These agents have decades of policy knowledge and claims experience.


To precisely estimate insurable acres and production per acre, you’ll receive cutting-edge data analytics based on our high-resolution aerial images from our platform.

Due to the accurate and verifiable data, these insights will drastically improve your policies by only having you pay for producing acres and reducing friction in the event of a claim.


In addition, you’ll also be provided access to our innovative, user-friendly digital platform, where you’ll be able to view your data and valuable orchard insights at no additional cost to your current insurance premium. 

In fact, most of our clients lower their insurance costs by optimizing their insurable acres.

How It Works

  • We survey your entire operation using high-resolution agriculture drones.
  • We provide an in-depth analysis of each of your citrus trees to determine true insurable acres per block.
  • Our local crop insurance agents will prepare the policy combining our aerial insights with your farm records.
  • Policy submitted for signatureYou have access to all your data in a digital platform, allowing you to review crop inventories and policy contents

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