Take precise action to achieve your optimal yields

Targeted insights to measure, manage and protect your farm

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Take precise action to achieve your optimal yields

Targeted insights to measure, manage and protect your farm

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Plant Performance

Take action on underperforming areas

Identify areas with nutrient deficiencies, pest infestations, diseases or irrigation issues earlier than ever before and track the success of your practices over time.


Make every drop count

Achieving a good yield requires optimal water and nutrients for each and every plant. With our transpiration insights, you can respond to automatically detected irrigation problems, see the actual uniformity of your irrigation strategies and manage hardware maintenance more effectively.

Plant Count

Manage and maximize your plant inventory

Our advanced tree counting technology gives you full visibility of your plant count per block, per crop and cultivar. Easily find tree gaps and underperforming areas which can be replanted to maximize your production opportunity. Plan and manage replanting programs and get the best return on investment.


Know your yields every season

Monitor the progression of the season and take action where your crop needs it the most. With our fruit size and count estimate products, you can:

  • Manipulate your crop load at the ideal time.

  • Adapt irrigation and fertilizer strategies to get the best production results.

  • Do early business planning with a clear view on expected produce quantity and quality outcomes.

Pest and Disease

Seamless digital monitoring from the field to the office

Our end-to-end digital pest and disease monitoring solution gives you visibility over your monitoring program in real time. With immediate in-field reports, you can make swift decisions to intervene before pest or disease pressure increases. Deliver comprehensive regulatory reports at the end of the season with no extra sweat.


How our customers are using Tree Insights


Track fruit growth

Growers use our accurate fruit size and color reports to get a snapshot of the current season. These insights are used to intervene and ensure that fruit are growing towards a successful harvest.

Inform market strategies

Fruit size forecasts empower growers to effectively manage the harvest to packing process and maintain reputations with packhouses.

Know the right time to harvest

Our harvest planning report, which can be viewed by variety and orchard, improves efficiency for growers when it comes to harvest.


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How our customer are using our insights

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