We’re creating intelligent tools to feed the world

Agriculture is the foundation on which humans became more productive, more skilled and more intelligent. In today’s world, we face the advanced challenges of feeding more and more people while protecting our planet’s ever diminishing resources. It is our mission to use our intelligent technology to make the future of farming more fruitful – and sustainable.

Our story

James grew up on a farm outside of Cape Town, learning firsthand the challenges faced by his family and community of growers. Years later, at university, he met Benji and together they decided to see how they could use their combined skills in aeronautics and machine learning to find ways to solve the challenges faced by the agricultural sector.

In the beginning, James and Benji brought together a team to assemble their own drones and fly them on James’ family farm. They were soon able to validate that they could use artificial intelligence to process aerial imagery, and identify problems invisible to the naked eye.

Today, we have flown and generated insights for over one hundred million trees to help growers, investors and insurers improve their production and profitability. 

Our team

We are a team of agronomists, engineers, product developers, creatives and customer service experts. Our mission is to provide our customers with intelligent tools throughout every season, so that they can feed the world.


Aerobotics was founded by James Paterson and Benji Meltzer

80+ people

The size of our team today

Cape Town to Fresno

Our team operates across the globe and we have our head offices in California and at home in South Africa

18+ countries

Our customer footprint

100+ drone pilots

Capturing aerial imagery for our customers

Over 100 Million trees

Processed by our software

Over 1 Million citrus fruit

Detected and sized


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