Become a drone partner

With the right equipment, certification and training you will be able to grow your business and earn as you fly for tree crop growers around the world.

You fly, we pay

Earn from your very first flight for us. We pay per hectare/acre depending on where you are based.

Award winning tools

You’ll be delivering a cutting-edge product suite and adding value to an essential industry.

Premium support

Comprehensive training resources, regular educational webinars and a team that's here to help you deliver.

Steps to become a drone partner

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Invest in your own hardware

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Acquire a remote pilot license in your region

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Get insurance for your business

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Study our support resources for mapping and yield flights and decide which type of service you would like to offer (you could do both!)

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Pass a theory test online to start your application

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Perform a practical drone flight test

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Sign our partners agreement

Mapping flights

Visual and multispectral cameras attached to a drone capture high-resolution imagery of a farm, which we process using artificial intelligence to extract crop insights for customers.

Gone through the resources and ready to get started?

Take the mapping theory quiz

Yield flights

Using a visual camera only, the drone records a short video of certain trees on a farm, which we process using artificial intelligence to provide customers with fruit size and color insights.

Yield flight resources and theory quiz will be available soon.

What does Aerobotics do?

Aerobotics uses aerial imagery and artificial intelligence to provide the agriculture industry with intelligent tools to feed the world. On our platform, Aeroview, farms are digitally presented with detailed crop insights from orchard boundaries to fruit sizes.

Join hundreds of drone pilots around the world who have partnered with us to service growers globally.