Customer story

Recovering over 100 pecan trees showing stress

A pecan nut grower in New Mexico turned to his Tree Insights to analyze crop performance and solve a soil related problem.


“Using this platform has helped us to achieve the right chlorophyll levels in our trees and develop a more efficient fertilizing schedule. We also receive the exact tree counts per acre without needing a person to count them and find the missing spots.”

Pecan grower and Aerobotics customer in Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA

The problem

Tree Insights revealed that 121 trees in a block of 521 (23%) were showing variance and could be underperforming. On the ground, the grower found severe stress caused by soil compaction.

A snapshot of the pecan orchard where the grower has identified trees of a lower NDRE, represented by the red, orange and yellow bars on the histogram and marks on the trees. 

The solution

The  grower applied a biological fertilizer during the growing season to help the trees access nutrients in the soil and to ensure the best possible nut quality and total yield. 


He assessed his insights again after the intervention to track the effectiveness of the fertilizer.

The interventions were successful and the grower saw a significant reduction in stress from 121 to 10 trees. Now that the trees have more access to nutrients in the soil, this will result in improved tree health, nut quality and yields for the next season.

Higher-performing trees seen after the intervention. The red, orange and yellow bars in the histogram have lowered.

New Mexico, USA

Crop Type

Nuts, Pecans


New Mexico, USA


Tree Insights: Health


111 trees were converted from stressed to high-performing

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