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Reducing input costs and improving grape yields with precise VRA

Kriegler Farms is located in De Doorns, South Africa and produces table grapes for premium local retailers and export markets. To optimise production, Managing Director André Du Toit replenishes the vines with the best possible products to ensure an optimal balance between vegetative and reproductive growth. To do this, he uses an organic-based product as well as soil ameliorants to improve vineyard homogeneity and soil and root health.


The Problem

With rising fertilizer and overall production costs combined with an ever-growing market demand, Kriegler Farms needed to ensure a high return on every investment on the farm. The top priority is for every input to result in maximum yield quality and quantity.

The Solution

Traditionally, fertilizer was applied throughout the vineyard at a flat rate, based on an average estimated vine performance. Using high resolution drone imagery and AI, we could calculate the actual vine health variability so that André and his team could refine the nutritional program and apply inputs only where needed at the rates suitable to those areas. André partnered with a trusted variable rate solutions company to apply both his soil ameliorants and fertilizer using a variable rate spreader in conjunction with the our zonal health maps, applying higher doses in areas of low Health (measured by NDRE) than high Health zones, and skipping some applications overall.

The Results

Through the use of a VRA fertilizer strategy Kriegler Farms were able to reduce fertiliser and ameliorant inputs by 75,208 lbs, which resulted in a cost savings of $45 per hectare. By applying tailored rates by management zones, André ensured that each plant was sufficiently nurtured, thereby increasing yield by 9% (20,000 cartons) and generating an additional $136,864 in revenue.

Kriegler Farms now have a solution to significantly improve the farm’s input efficiency and successfully optimise yields, season after season. 

Western Cape, South Africa

Crop Type

Table grapes


Western Cape, South Africa


Health variation insights


75,208 lbs reduction in fertiliser and ameliorant inputs 9% (20,000 cartons) increase in yield $136,864 revenue increase

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