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Managing apple orchard decline

The farm manager for a well-known exporting fruit farm in South Africa found that the yield and quality of a 30-year-old Golden Delicious apple orchard had been steadily declining over the past three years.


The problem

Using Tree Insights, the farm manager detected health variance across the block as well as a clear pattern from his high resolution imagery.

He selected the problem areas for an in-field investigation, as he suspected there might be a nematode infestation present.

The Aeroview InField mobile app guided him directly to these areas, where he sampled for nematodes and sent them to a laboratory for testing. 

The results came back positive and the extent of the infestation seemed to be more severe than he initially anticipated. 

Orchard variance seen on the Aeroview platform. In this case the red, orange and yellow marks represent underperforming trees that could be infested with nematodes. 

The solution

Tree Insights revealed the number of potentially affected trees, 1,956 out of a total 6,433 – or 30% of the orchard – as well as their exact locations. 

To avoid an even greater yield loss, the farm manager decided to take out the affected trees and plant a new cultivar set grafted onto rootstocks with a higher resistance to nematodes.

Western Cape, South Africa

Crop Type

Apples, Golden Delicious


Western Cape, South Africa


Tree Insights: Health Targeted investigations with the Aeroview InField app


Detecting 1,956 trees infested with nematodes and taking action before greater yield loss

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