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Cutting costs with early nematode detection

A citrus grower identified stress in his orchard in the nick of time when he looked at Tree Insights for his 60-year-old Valencia orange orchard.


The problem

The grower spotted a trend in the bottom half of the orchard, where his insights revealed underperforming trees. After setting up an investigation route on the Aeroview platform, he went in-field and found that the trees’ leaves were yellowing. The grower knew that he needed to sample below the soil surface and the results came back positive for a nematode infestation.

The underperforming orchard before treatment, where red, orange and yellow marks indicate underperforming trees and green indicates optimal performance.

The solution

The grower contacted his advisor and placed an order for a nematicide. The active ingredient, fluopyram, is a xylem mobile fungicide meaning that the product will move easily through the plant’s structure. Once the fluopyram has entered the plant’s system and is taken up by the nematodes, it immediately suppresses their population.

In this case, application through a microjet in the irrigation system was recommended as an effective way of ensuring the soil fumigant would reach and resolve the targeted areas.

Through the use of the nematicide, the overall nematode infestation was managed and further losses due to nematode damage were avoided.


The underperforming area in this orchard was made up of 256 trees. The early detection of nematodes helped to stop the infestation from spreading across the farm and causing further damage and expenses. 

The high-performing orchard, after treatment

South Africa

Crop Type

Citrus, Oranges


South Africa


Tree Insights: Health Targeted investigations with the Aeroview InField app


Detecting 256 underperforming trees

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