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Cracking down on poor almond tree health

It is well known that pests and diseases will target almond trees that are under stress before healthier trees. An almond grower in California used his Tree Insights to get to the root cause of stress in areas of an orchard.


The problem

The grower picked up on yellowing leaves in sections of his orchard from high resolution imagery on the Aeroview platform.

Per-tree Health insights revealed a pattern in the orchard that indicated an outbreak had occurred. The grower set up a route to target and investigate the areas of concern on the ground.

Per-tree Health insights for the orchard, where red indicates underperforming trees and green indicates optimal performance. 

The solution

Using the Aeroview InField mobile app, the grower was guided to the specific areas he had set up in his office. At the first tree, he noticed the problem was shot hole disease. Shot hole disease is a fungal disease that first appears as spots or lesions on leaves, twigs, flowers and fruit and can be difficult to detect with the naked eye.


The grower estimated a loss of between 15 to 30% of yield for the affected trees. Given the market price for almonds in the US at the time, this equated to roughly $22,000. Had the grower not discovered the infestation on our platform, the loss would have increased year on year.

California, USA

Crop Type

Nuts, Almonds


California, USA


Tree Insights: Health Targeted investigations with the Aeroview InField app


Intervening before yield loss amounted to over $22,000

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