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Captured: citrus iron deficiency

A citrus grower in South Africa was aware that a few of his trees were iron deficient, but the extent of the problem became clear with the help of his Tree Insights.


The problem

After insights on the Aeroview platform revealed approximately 400 trees with lower chlorophyll levels, the grower created a route to investigate infield.

On the ground, a scout followed the route using the Aeroview InField mobile app, and found yellowing leaves and stunted growth – signs of a nutrient deficiency.

The scout route created by the grower to target the underperforming trees, which are marked as red, orange and yellow. 

The solution

The farm manager conducted a soil analysis and found that the soil in the underperforming zones had high pH levels and calcium carbonates. This can cause deficiencies in micronutrients including iron, zinc and copper which all produce iron chlorosis. 

To combat iron chlorosis, sulphur was applied under the drippers to aid in managing a more adequate soil pH, which in turn will improve the iron uptake. In the following month the farm manager applied iron to the soil under the drippers. 


With an early warning from his insights, the grower was able to see the extent of the problem before the orchard went into full production and apply corrective measures. This will benefit the orchard’s yield for seasons to come.

Eastern Cape, South Africa

Crop Type

Citrus, Oranges


Eastern Cape, South Africa


Tree Insights: Health Targeted investigations with the Aeroview InField app


Intervening in an underperforming orchard before it goes into full production

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