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Quantify underperforming areas

Our tree insights guide growers to underperforming areas caused by pests, diseases, irrigation issues or nutrient deficiencies. We help growers to take early-stage action and track the effectiveness of interventions over time.

Run smart and efficient programs

Precise insights help teams to seamlessly manage workflows, carry out targeted investigations, and intervene at the right time and place.

Manage and maximize plant inventories

With insight into the number of trees and missing trees on a farm, growers have full visibility on their inventory to manage replanting programs and ensure production capacity will reach the expected return on investment.

Enable successful operations

Growers can track the impact of interventions and monitor crop development over time to enable a high return on investment for farming operations.

How our customers are using Tree Insights


Track fruit growth

Growers use our accurate fruit size and color reports to get a snapshot of the current season. These insights are used to intervene and ensure that fruit are growing towards a successful harvest.

Inform market strategies

Fruit size forecasts empower growers to effectively manage the harvest to packing process and maintain reputations with packhouses.

Know the right time to harvest

Our harvest planning report, which can be viewed by variety and orchard, improves efficiency for growers when it comes to harvest.


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