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Taking action against avocado tree canopy and health variance

Dr Dion Coertzen farms avocados in the Limpopo region of South Africa, where soils are generally loose and rich, with good drainage suitable for avocado production.


The problem 

Tree Insights revealed significant tree canopy area and chlorophyll variation in Dion’s 2-year-old orchard. 

Trees performing at different levels, in this case the dark green marks represent high chlorophyll levels and red represents low levels. 

The solution

Dion used the Aeroview platform to identify and mark high, average and under-performing trees for inspection on-foot. His strategically arranged scout route led him to exactly the right spots. 

Once in the field and on closer inspection, he discovered that the variation in canopy area and chlorophyll was likely caused by a nutrient deficiency.

His team made use of specific soil applicants and foliar sprays in strategic areas as required. 


Overall tree health and productivity in the orchard improved with the help of carefully chosen applications in areas where it was needed most.

One year later, Dion looked to his Tree Insights to assess the impact of the intervention. By comparing insights over time, he could see that he had significantly increased orchard homogeneity. This timeline of crop performance meant that he could reduce time inspecting trees on-foot and increase the overall efficiency of his farming operations.

Tree health improvement after the intervention.

Limpopo, South Africa

Crop Type

Subtropical fruits, Avocados


Limpopo, South Africa


Tree Insights: Canopy Area


Identifying a nutrient deficient area and conveniently tracking improvements over time

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